What? "The Long Way Home" a Dance Extravaganza featuring Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and MT Dance!
Where? Dulwich College (Singapore) Arts Centre (Site map, here)
When? 11am & 2.30pm, 22nd April 2018
Who for? Friends, Family & Dance Enthusiasts everywhere! 
How much?
 $20 for Children (Under 12) $30 for Adults & $5 for Centre Stage Students
Parents of performers: within your show kits, performers receive 2 free tickets, to claim these you will have been sent a password with the link to tickets via email.  

Any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to call our office on 6732 7211 or drop a line to

The performance will commence shortly. If you wish to buy tickets please come to the theatre and pay at the door.

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